Somehow my HS3 devices became disconnected from my M1 actual status.

On the plugin page for zones and areas the info/status was correct and updates properly. However, my previously working HS3 devices were no longer updating with changes.

I noticed in the plugin page, the "HomeSeer Device" was not checked for these zones. I checked them and new devices were created.

I am now using these new devices for the zones and they are working properly.

However, I was also having a problem with some of the HS3 Areas devices as well (not updating). AS01. AS02, etc.

I checked the "HomeSeer Device" to see if that would fix the issue though it did not.

I then deleted the old HS3 Area devices, hoping that they would be recreated. Though they do not recreate.

Once I check the box, it stays checked. So I cannot un-check and recheck to trigger the device creation process.

Is there a way to force the plugin to create the devices?

Or, how do I clear everything from the plugin (config) and just start over?

I think the functionality is working now, I just need to get new HS3 devices built.