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Zones out of sync

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  • Zones out of sync

    See attached HS3 Device view compared to UltraM1G zone view. They are not in sync. I first noticed this on my HSTouch screens. I also use ekEYPAD and all zones are in sync.

    Current Date/Time: 4/24/2018 12:34:27 PM
    HomeSeer Version: HS3 Standard Edition
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard - Work Station
    System Uptime: 9 Days 18 Hours 12 Minutes 50 Seconds
    IP Address:
    Number of Devices: 394
    Number of Events: 39
    Available Threads: 200
    HSTouch Enabled: True
    Event Threads: 0
    Event Trigger Eval Queue: 0
    Event Trigger Priority Eval Queue: 0
    Device Exec Queue: 0
    HSTouch Event Queue: 0
    Email Send Queue: 0
    Anti Virus Installed:

    Enabled Plug-Ins APCUPSD LutronCaseta
    3.0.6681.34300: UltraCID3
    3.0.6616.28548: UltraM1G3
    3.0.5712.31691: UltraWeatherBug3 Z-Wave
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    Did you follow the steps below from the User's Guide to enable status updates?

    Verify Elk M1 Global Programming Options

    The Elk M1 Security and Automation Controller should be programmed to send changes whenever a status change is detected. Using the ElkRP software or your Keypad, verify the following global programming options are set to 'Yes':

    1. G35:=Yes (Xmit Event Log-ASCII)
    2. G36:=Yes (Xmit Zone Chgs-ASCII)
    3. G37:=Yes (Xmit Output Chgs-ASCII)
    4. G38:=Yes (Xmit Task Chgs-ASCII)
    5. G39:=Yes (Xmit Light Chgs-ASCII)
    6. G40:=Yes (Xmit Keypad Key Chgs)

    Plug-ins: UltraMon, UltraM1G, UltraCID, Ultra1Wire, UltraLog, UltraWeatherBug, UltraPioneerAVR, UltraGCIR


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      My apologies for the late reply.

      Verified the options. Ok

      What happens is I am changing out all my Ge CO detectors and on the UltraM1g side the new interlogic co detectors show up and the old co detectors are remove. On the HS3 device view the new co detectors show up but the old ones are not remove so I just went ahead and removed them. They are also not removed from HSTouch but I have no way to do that unless I get into using designer.

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