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Z-Wave Lighting and ELK

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  • Z-Wave Lighting and ELK

    Seems to be two M1G forums, and this one is more active, so reposting here.

    For decades, I have been using X-10 for lighting, controlled by a schedule on a hardware controller - first Stargate and now the ELK M1G. I prefer my lighting control via a hardware controller because they have always been dead-on reliable every day - not subject to Windows or HS software failures. But my X-10 switches starting to fail after many years, and I'm considering Z-wave light switches to replace them.

    Does anyone use the ELK-M1XSLZW serial z-wave interface on your ELK for lighting control? Any issues? Does it play well with Ultra's plugin? Can I run the Z-Wave interface and the built-in X-10 interface simultaneously (I.e., and mix of X-10 and Z-Wave during transition)?

    Any insight, experience or advice is welcome. Thanks.

    Hometroller S6 w/ HS3Pro, Way2Call
    BLAB8SS, BL Backup, Easy Trigger, HSTouch, Open Sprinkler, SONOS, Ultra1Wire3, UltraM1G, WeatherXML, Z-Wave