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Cannot use alarm status in group conditions for events

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    Cannot use alarm status in group conditions for events

    This is a weird one. I'm trying to set group conditions for events to if <alarm status> for <area> is set to <armed to any state>, but homeseer won't let me select anything when I attempt to choose either an area or the state. It just blanks it out back to "(Select Area)" and "(Select Armed Status)".

    I thought it might have been my browser (using Edge on Windows 10 locally), but I also tried with Internet Explorer locally, and Chrome from a remote machine. All three browsers do the same and won't let me set a group condition using an ultram1g rule.

    Other group conditions work just fine - just not the ultram1g ones. Any ideas why?


    Actually, only HS native Conditions (Devices, Time, Day/Date, Timers and Counters) will work as Group Conditions. 3rd party plug-in Conditions will not work as Group Conditions.
    Randy Prade
    Aurora, CO

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      Oh bummer. But thanks. Wasn't aware of that limitation. Makes things a little harder to get what I wanted (the group condition was actually a little more complicated than a single 3p plug-in rule), but I'll figure something else.