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Elk does not show as Alexa Device

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  • Elk does not show as Alexa Device

    Elk does not show up as a controlable Alexa device soo how would be able to set it up to arm and disarm by alexa command ...ex Alexa arm the security system ...I even tried putting Security System in the voice command under the Elk Area 1 elk Device.

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    Any UltraM1G Elk devices that supports on/off can be discovered by Alexa. Try using a task or an output device to control the Elk M1 arming. Note: I don't recommend setting anything up to disarm your system using voice.

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      Yes the on/off devices do show up, it makes sense now and I agree on the voice to disarm . Thanks!


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        You can Alexa voice control Elk Task. I have my sprinklers controlled by the Elk system. i have a Elk task for each zone and another that sequences the whole lawn.

        Setup you Elk task device in HS. Open Task device and edit status texts. Change control use for Activate to On. Also make sure voice control is checked on device comfiguration tab.

        Now discover new devices and Alexa should have a new device you can turn. Mine are labeled with my sprinkler zone name so i say “Alexa turn on backyard sprinklers” she says Ok and activates this Elk task. I have a separate Task in Elk that stops the sprinklers setup same way except i have the control use set to Off. So saying “Alexa turn off the sprinklers” activate the stop sprinkler task in Elk.

        Works great and I Alexa control many Elk tasks this way. Creative use of the control use function of a HS device.

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          How did you define the values -1 , 0, 1 , and 2 ?