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Insteon ISY Lighting and the Elk M1 [SCRIPT]

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  • Insteon ISY Lighting and the Elk M1 [SCRIPT]

    I use the Insteon ISY and the Elk M1 to control my lighting. I find it easier to use the ISY software to manage the device names and locations by following a simply naming format. I use a 4 character code for the location followed by a dash followed by the device name. As an example, the master bedroom overhead light is named "BdrM-Overhead" in the ISY.

    Getting the lighting data into HomeSeer using the Elk M1 HSPI is a multiple step process.
    • Export the lighting to an XML file using the Insteon ISY software.
    • Import the Insteon lighting data into the Elk M1 using the Elk RP software.
    • Confirm the number of devices you have defined in the Elk M1 matches UltraM1G > Options > Defined Elk M1G Configuration > Lighting
    • From HomeSeer, refresh the Elk M1 configuration from UltraM1G > Status > Reload Data. The reload may take up to 5 minutes on a slow HomeSeer PC.
    • Use the script below to programmatically update the location based on the imported device names.

    Sub Main(ByVal parm As Object)
      Dim IFACE_NAME As String = "UltraM1G"
      Dim Locations As New System.Collections.Hashtable
      Locations.Add("Bsmt", "Basement")
      Locations.Add("BdmK", "Bedroom [One]")
      Locations.Add("BdmR", "Bedroom [Two]")
      Locations.Add("BdmM", "Bedroom [Master]")
      Locations.Add("Brdg", "Bridge")
      Locations.Add("Den", "Den")
      Locations.Add("DnRm", "Dining Room")
      Locations.Add("FmRm", "Family Room")
      Locations.Add("Entr", "Front Entrance")
      Locations.Add("Garage", "Garage")
      Locations.Add("Hall", "Hall")
      Locations.Add("Ktch", "Kitchen")
      Locations.Add("Outs", "Outside")
        ' Run though all the HomeSeer devices
        Dim DevEnum As Object = hs.GetDeviceEnumerator
        If Not DevEnum Is Nothing Then
          Do While Not DevEnum.Finished
            Dim objDevice As Object = DevEnum.GetNext
            If Not objDevice Is Nothing Then
              If objDevice.interface = IFACE_NAME And objDevice.dev_type_string = "Elk M1 Lighting" Then
                Dim strDeviceName As String = objDevice.Name
                For Each strKey As String In Locations.Keys
                  If strDeviceName.Contains(strKey & "-") Then
                    objDevice.location = Locations(strKey)
                    objDevice.location2 = "Elk M1 Ligthing"
                    Exit For
                  End If
              End If
            End If
        End If
      Catch pEx As Exception
        ' Process program exception
      End Try
    End Sub
    I hope someone finds this information helpful.

    Plug-ins: UltraMon, UltraM1G, UltraCID, Ultra1Wire, UltraLog, UltraWeatherBug, UltraPioneerAVR, UltraGCIR

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    Yes, I find this useful. Thank you.

    Any updates to this since the last post? Any advice outside of what is documented here?
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