UltraM1G3 HSPI is a cool new HomeSeer HS3 plug-in for the Elk M1 Alarm Panel. The UltraM1G3 plug-in connects to the Elk M1 Alarm Panel using either a serial or Ethernet connection allowing control of the panel using HomeSeer. An extensive list of HomeSeer Triggers and Actions are available to customize your home automation setup.

How It Works
  • The plug-in connects to the Elk M1 Panel via serial port or Elk-M1XEP Ethernet interface.
  • Defined areas, keypads, users, zones, outputs, thermostats, custom settings, counters, tasks, lighting, system status and logs are obtained from the Elk M1 panel on startup and kept updated as the plug-in runs.
  • Once the Elk M1 initialization is complete, updates are sent from the Elk M1 panel in real-time eliminating the need to query the Elk M1 panel for status.

Main Features
  • Multiple threading allows UltraM1G3 to process events from the Elk M1 without disrupting the performance of HomeSeer.
  • Elk M1 command queue executed in its own thread.
  • Verification and retry logic to verify critical commands sent to the Elk M1 are processed.
  • Error Try/Catch logic to ensure plug-in doesn't fail with an unhandled exception.
  • Elk M1 real-time clock updated on startup.
  • Elk M1 Panel configuration is saved between sessions and loaded on startup.
  • Flexibility to allow the creation of only the HomeSeer devices desired (Area, Keypad, Users, Zones, Outputs, Thermostats, Custom Settings, Counters, Tasks, Lighting, System Status and Areas Status).

Example Usage
  • Create HomeSeer events that turn off lighting when you leave an area.
  • Receive an e-mail notification whenever your child disarms the alarm system.
  • Receive an e-mail notification whenever a zone is violated.


Change Log

Version 3.0.6020.17037 - Released April 30, 2016
  • Added support for the Russound, Nuvo and Proficient audio controllers to the UltraM1G3 HSPI.
  • Added HomeSeer thermostat API support.

Version 3.0.6211.20610 - Released Jan 02, 2017
  • Added support for analog zone (voltage) HomeSeer devices.

Version 3.0.6267.36391 - Released Feb 27, 2017
  • Added option to increase temperature, counter and analog zone polling interval.

Version 3.0.6319.33899 - Released Apr 20, 2017
  • Fixed issue causing lighting devices between 65 and 256 to report incorrect value during plug-in initialization.

Version 3.0.6324.37152 - Released Apr 25, 2017
  • Fixed volume issue associated with Proficient Distributed Audio Zones.

Version 3.0.6370.28796 - Released Jun 10, 2017
  • Added a feature to disabled rebuilding of existing devices when installing a new version of the plug-in. The rebuilding of existing devices is disabled by default.

Version 3.0.6551.16372 - Released Dec 8, 2017
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.0.6616.28548 - Released Mar 04, 2018
  • Fixed issue with serial connection not working under Linux.

Version 3.0.6700.37439 - Released May 06, 2018
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.0.6768.36584 - Released July 13, 2018
  • Resolved issue preventing system disarm using a HomeSeer event.