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C-BUS connected to the outside world! Huge Win

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  • C-BUS connected to the outside world! Huge Win


    With the help of the UltraM1G plug-in and a Ness C-Bus Interface Module that physically connects the ELK to the C-BUS network Homeseer is now able to see and control all of the lighting devices on the C-BUS network !

    As anyone with a C-BUS network knows connecting to the outside world is a challenge.

    I've been running this for a few days without any major problems.

    I'm continuing to run all of my logic programming on the C-BUS network and will use Homeseer to connect to external resources.

    I tried getting this to work about 6 months ago with little success, the key is to ensure you have the latest FW running on the Ness C-Bus Interface Module.

    I'm now able to control C-BUS lighting with an Echo.

    Reach out with questions.


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    Hi Philip,

    Thanks for sharing, excellent news!

    I have the exact same setup as you and I'm going through the same process of getting my c-bus lights controlled by Alexa via the M1. Can I ask how you got the latest firmware for the Ness M1 c-bus interface module (board)? I want to update the FW in my board but not sure where to download the latest FW from?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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      Speak to Ness


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        Thanks, will do!


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          All working now, Alexa is controlling my c-bus lights via the M1.

          Thanks for your help Philip.


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            Sorry to dig up an old thread. Hopefully you guys are still subscribed.

            Is you Ness/C-Bus system working perfectly? I'm still getting the checksum errors (from the UltraM1G plugin), occasionally resulting in a light not turning on or the like.

            I have done a bit of reading on the c-bus forums and it seems that other people have a few problems with the NESS/ELK M1 talking to the CBus board. Works 99% of the time but a few errors now and again.

            I am thinking it's not actually a problem with the plugin. More a problem with the NESS hardware.

            Keen to hear what you think?

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