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Use Partition 1 or System in events

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    Use Partition 1 or System in events

    When i set this up some time ago, it created what looks like duplicate entries that do the same thing.. one called "System Status" and another called "Partition 1 Status".

    it never really seemed to matter... so just left alone.

    However, i'm now using EasyTrigger and have an event setup using the change in status... and it doesn't always work.

    My question is, in events, which of the two should i use? Seems to me it really doesn't matter... but wanted to check.
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    it doesn't matter in your case where you only have a single partition.

    i would use System Status and just hide all the Partition 1 devices that you don't need.

    In the case of a 2 partition setup, the system status will be different depending on the values of the individual partition statuses.

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