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I need help with the AD2USB installation step

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  • I need help with the AD2USB installation step


    I'm new to HomeSeer and this is my first project!

    I'm not really into hardware, software is my thing. I'm just trying to get this setup so I can start doing stuff with the API.

    The links in step #5 of the AD2USB installation sticky post no longer work. I was trying to read everything in case it hinted at how to connect the AD2USB to my HomeTroller Zee S2.

    Maybe someone can help?
    • The steps mention connecting the AD2USB to a PC. Should it really be connected to a PC or should it be connected to the HomeTroller?
    • Has anyone confirmed that the ftdi usb virtual com port driver is not needed for the HomeTroller?
    • I also don't know how to install Putty on the HomeTroller. I didn't know I could access it in a way where I could install software. I thought I could only interface with it through the web interface (which I haven't fully explored yet)
    • Step #5 of the AD2USB installation sticky post is ambiguous to me. What does "configure the ad2usb firmware (hit !)" mean to someone who hasn't used any of this before?

    Thanks ahead of time!
    I really want to get my security setup in my new home before I move everything in.
    - Khitty

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    You can connect the ad2usb to the hometroller via a usb cable. forget about the putty, and configuring the ad2usb manually through putty. most of the important settings can be configured through the plugin.

    once you have the plugin installed, you will need to set the correct com port on the plugin/manage page. after that you should be able to access the plugin config.

    what model vista panel do you have?

    did you configure your vista panel with a dedicated keypad address for the ad2usb? you will need to do this, and enter that address into the plugin config page


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    Platform: HP h8-1360t, Windows Server 2012 R2, i7-3.4GHz, 16GB memory


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      Hi. Mark. Good to heard I can skip some steps. I'm struggling over here. Lol. I have a 15p. I have not configured the panel with a dedicated keypad address. I will Google.