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General Information about the plug-in & Getting Started

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  • General Information about the plug-in & Getting Started

    This plug-in uses the AD2USB interface to communicate with and control the Honeywell/Ademco Vista line of alarm systems. The plugin currently works with the following Vista Panels: 10se, 15, 15p, 20, 20se, 20p, 30, 40p, 50p, 128bp, and 256bp. ADT First Alert and SafeWatch alarms are sometimes rebranded Vista panels. Homeseer or later is required to use this plug-in.

    Support for the plug-in will be available through this forum.

    Getting Started
    To install the plug-in, shutdown Homeseer, and install the plug-in via the MSI installer package. Then restart Homeseer.

    You must enable the plug-in and set the COM port on the Setup/Interfaces page before the plug-in will run.Click the Setup button, select the Interfaces tab, then click the grey disable button. the button will change to an enabled button.Enter the COM port (as a number: 1,2,3,...) that represents the AD2USB interface. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

    Once you have the plug-in running, there is a Help link with details about setting up and using the plug-in. The Help link is available from the Vista Alarm plug-in HS2 button or the HS2 Help page.

    Here is a quick summary for V1.2 or later:

    Go to the plugin config pages:
    Fill in the entries on the Settings page.
    Create the necessary partitions on the Partitions page: you must create at least Partition 1 (P1) and select a keypad address assigned to P1 and enter a user code. The device codes (DC) are any homeseer unit code you want defined for the partition device and chime device.
    Create zone devices from the Add Zones page.

    If you are having problems with arming and disarming on a multi-partition setup, please added the following to the [ad2usb] section in the vistaalarm.ini

    In order to successfully use a Vista 40,50,128,256 Panel with multiple partitions you must create unique user codes for each partition defined on the Partition page. The user code should not have global access.

    The AD2Serial requires one additional manual configuration:
    Please added the following to the [General] section of the vistaalarm.ini


    Getting the user number who armed or disarmed the system

    1. Enable the 'Emulate LRR" in the plugin
    2. Enable panel field *29 (LRR or similar)
    3. Program fields *65, and *66

    you should see !LRR msgs when someone arms or disarms the panel.

    you can now use the Vista Alarm User Trigger to trigger events based on who performed the operaton.
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