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Installing the AD2USB

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    Installing the AD2USB

    1. The ad2usb connects on one side to the panel via a 4 conductor cable to the same location where any wired keypad is connected. You may also extend an existing keypad cable to the location of the ad2usb. The panel keypad line is a bus. Several devices can be connected in series to the panel.

    2. The other side of the ad2usb connects to your computer via any standard usb port. You will need to install the ad2usb closer to the computer because of the usb limitations and thus run a 4-cond line (i used a cat5 line) to the panel.

    3. install a ftdi usb virtual com port driver on the homeseer server (may not be necessary for the hometroller). Driver found here

    4. Download and install Putty on the hs server. Open putty to the com port the was created in step 3.

    5. configure the ad2usb firmware (hit !). i won't go into that now (nutech does have instructions for this, or for the V2 board After that, your pc should start receiving msgs from the panel via the virtual com port. Verify you can arm your panel using the standard arming sequence.

    Very Important: the ad2usb must have its own unique keypad address like any other keypad in your installation. It can not share an address with an existing physical keypad. This will cause problems. You must configure a keypad address in the panel that will be unique to the ad2usb.

    6. then you just need to install the hs plugin, and configure it.
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