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Vista Plug-in Trial not consistent with instructions

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  • mnsandler
    Glad you got it working. Thanks for reporting back.

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  • amdrescher
    Thank you for your reply.

    One thing that you said caught my eye:

    "Did you set the com port on the Plugin Manage page for the vista plugin?"

    When I initially enabled the plug-in, that value was pre-populated with /dev/ttyS0. I assumed (yeah, yeah, I know, don't assume) that the plug-in detected the connection and applied the appropriate setting. Going back and checking I found that there was another choice, /dev/ttyUSB0. In hindsight this now makes perfect sense since NuTech makes two models: AD2USB and AD2Serial, and the two COM port options correspond to the two models.

    Changing the COM port setting to /dev/ttyUSB0 (I have the AD2USB model) allowed the plug-in to communicate with the Vista and everything started working as I expected.

    Thanks for your help.

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  • mnsandler
    all plugins are fully functional when in 'trial'. they will not function after 30 days without a license.

    It sounds like the plugin isn't receiving any msgs from the ad2usb.

    did you set the com port on the Plugin Manage page for the vista plugin?

    can you tell me what version of the plugin you are running? and the fw ver of the ad2usb?

    also, please post a startup log snippet for the plugin

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  • amdrescher
    started a topic Vista Plug-in Trial not consistent with instructions

    Vista Plug-in Trial not consistent with instructions

    I am trialing the Vista Alarm plug-in to see if I wish to purchase it.

    Unfortunately, the trial copy is not working (all status information is "Unknown", I am not able to see the last panel message and none of the commands to arm or disarm work).

    I am connected to a NuTech AD2USB which is configured correctly and functioning. I had been controlling my Vista Alarm using the AlarmDecoderApp running on Ubuntu.

    When I attempt to configure the plug-in, the entry fields on the "Settings" tab do not match what are in the instructions under the "Help" tab.

    Settings Tab:
    Vista Model (mine is pre-populated to "Vista 20p", which is correct)
    Security Code (I entered my Master Code)
    Zone Sort ("by Number")
    Message Time: 10 (secs)
    There are also three check boxes; all are checked:
    Enable debugging
    Suppress duplicate alarm messages
    Auto start monitor when HS starts

    Help Tab:
    Specifies "Panel Code" not "Security Code" (I assume this is the same)
    Adds an Interface Address, which I assume is a key missing value
    Has "Default Location 2" value is not on the Settings tab

    I did set up a Partition, setting Partition 1 to use "Device Address" 19 (which is what I configured using the AlarmDecoderApp) and the "User Code" is set to the same as the "Master" code

    There are also discrepancies between the Help and the "Zones" tab. Finally, in the HS3 log the Firmware version is reported as "Unknown" in a response to a "V" command being sent to the system. I know this data is returned accurately when I had the AD2USB connected to my Ubuntu system.

    Is the trial version different than the purchased version? Does the trial not provide the same functionality (in which case I would queston calling this a "trial").

    Assistance is requested.