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Texts Received From HS3, All From Different Numbers

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  • Texts Received From HS3, All From Different Numbers

    Rather new in this plethora of info & the organizing.... So forgive (& indicate) if this is covered _somewhere_, I simply can't find or anything closely resembling definitions.

    All texts received on my cell, and sent from my HS3 are shown as originating from different numbers (1410200515, 1410200015, 1410200012, 141020000514, etc). I've tried looking thru headers (when I changed to emailing to look thru) and can't quite figure out why all these numbers. When using other apps (BlueIris), all texting to my cell comes from one addy/number, which makes things much easier work with. Just in the last two days of figuring other things out, I've got over 34 individual messages, which is fine & expected -But not from separate contacts as my cell (as i believe most do) treat these as separate contacts.

    Is HS simply using a relay service and this is not actually originating from my HS3 directly to SMTP with my credentials?

    How am I able to resolve, is this another plug-in (aka "Additional Interfaces"), or perhaps I'm not seeing this correctly....

    Much Appreciate Any direction,
    Thanks, Jeff

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    I wonder if this might be carrier-specific? How are you sending the texts from HS [sms plugin, e-mail-to-text conversion, etc]? What cell carrier do you use?

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      ...thru an SMS gateway w/AT&T; SMTP is one of my Office 365 accts;
      Rather interesting, just changed the event w/ ATT's other gateway,, instead of -all notifications appear in one contact (as my other applications).

      Alas, however, the mms gate is sluggish & a few send failures already (the uncertainty of "" seen on other apps), thus my desire to use txt vs mms -much quicker & all but guaranteed; besides only sending typically 2~3 words.

      Speaking of 2~3 words, any trickery to truncating the word <Subject: ~~~> from the notification?

      Thanks for helping me to think aloud..... :P


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        Oh, yes, this one is completely on my error! Did much verification & found was using txt vs
        It is on the SMS/SMSC side, whether carrier specific I'm not sure of....yet, but the numerous different numbers are internal from the SMSC when using txt vs mms.
        Though in short, and definitely not HS, I need to dig into SMS/SMSC (specifically on ATT) to determine how to use txt vs mms to receive 'from one contact' vs what I believe to be their internal routing numbers.
        Oh the depths I plunge into.
        Thanks again Fred for helping me to you know, out loud ...


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          Interesting. I'm on Consumer Cellular, which uses the AT&T network, but has their own [] email/sms. I tested to see what happens - it assigns each SMS a different number, like you were experiencing. Re: the Subject line - I don't think you have any control over that. You can change the actual subject text, but it's still going to show the "SUBJ:".

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            ok on the SUBJ, thx.
            CC bought Cingular equip & or channels if I'm not mistaken; I think being a MVNO of AT&T has that effect, whereas the SMSC is likely managed in the AT&T environment.
            In any event, learning alot from this little side-track & perhaps rethinking my notifications.


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              Going with Push notifications; the email-to-SMS route was getting no responses from 'some places' emailed plus loss of time invested in research of alts/others.
              Though I have been receiving _everything_ in the form of SMS from various IoT's, now I just have to read up on HSBuddy client/server.