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Starting Plug-In Access is Denied - Solved!

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  • Starting Plug-In Access is Denied - Solved!

    I wanted to load this plug in to allow HS3 to send emails when I run a low batter script created by Mwaite.

    I am running HS3 v208 loaded the plug-in and got a warning. Dis-abled the plug-in and restarted it.

    Click image for larger version

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    I could use some pointers here

    Many thanks


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    What OS are you running? Are you running HS3 as an administrator?


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      Yes I'm running HS3 v208 as administrator. windows 8.1

      Until after this post I discovered while searching for support that HS3 had a built in email function. I was able to get the HS3 email to send me the Low Battery report driven from the script..... So I have abandoned the BLEmail approach... I am curious to know why it didn't work.

      I love the Holidays I get to spend so much time working on all of the things I would like to tinker with ....

      Thanks for your support.......



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        Failed to allow exclusion

        I typically use a web browse to access the system I'm not on the HS3 server . I'm pretty sure I missed seeing AVAST block the plug-in and I failed to allow the exclusion.

        I caught this on the next plug-in I am trying to get to work.... Thanks to Rupp's suggestion I opened a remote desk top session and had it on one of the many monitors on my desk..That's when I saw

        Click image for larger version

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        With Trial and Error I will just have to learn more..