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HomeSeer is open and operational this week. All orders are being processed and shipped as usual. However, some staff are working from home. If you need to contact HomeSeer for support or customer service, please use our Email or Chat options.
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Question before purchasing BLOutlook...

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  • Question before purchasing BLOutlook...

    My wife is in the medical field and her calendar is shared in Google Calendar. I am able to grab her calendar for 3 month periods and easily import it into Outlook 2007 that I'm running on the same machine as my HTPC/HomeSeer installation.

    With this connector, would I be able to search for a string (say "CMH JPS") to trigger an event? I want to have HomeSeer act as an alarm (which I do now) but trigger at different times based on her Google Calendar entry, which determines where she'll be working that day, and has different wake-up times based on her calendar.