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Odd Problem after server move

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  • Odd Problem after server move

    My XP server finally died and I moved HS to a box running windows 8.

    BL Outlook is behaving oddly. The client connects to the server and is seen in the Outlook Client Users page, however no device update is taking place and when clicking on the "View" button on the clients page, the Outlook Folder column contains the text "Mail Items", the Summary column is blank and the actions column contains the HS web page footer.

    I have verified the devices between the server and the remote bl outlook client and nothing obvious is jumping out and beating me about the head.

    I have reinstalled from the updater to no avail.

    I am new to win 8 and may be missing something configuration-wise.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    Blew away BLOutlook and all config, if files etc. this morning and reinstalled from the updater. No joy. Both the client and server show the client connected but the problem with viewing the client content from the server webpage persists and the devices are not updated.


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      My HomeSeer is not running on Windows 8 so I can't help with that part but I did have to replace my wifes system recently with a Windows 8 computer along with Outlook 2010. I detailed that experience here.

      I did have trouble getting the client and server talking together. I installed and re-installed a few times. I think what finally got it working was to install the client in compatibility mode on the Windows 8 machine. At least that's what I chalked it up to at the time. That probably doesn't help you much but it's something to look at. I know at the time it was my first experience with Windows 8 and I was pulling my hair out fighting with it. My wife wanted a new desktop and Window 8 just didn't want to be a desktop. I did finally beat it into submission, although I want to thank Microsoft for the much larger bald spot on top of my head.
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