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Could plugin be used for Stringify?

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  • Could plugin be used for Stringify?

    So I was wondering if the concept of this plugin could be used with Stringify?

    Stringify is like ifttt but way better and faster.

    It also allows multi conditions and multi triggers.

    Any thoughts?

    I have a cobbled together integration using emails sent to Gmail with specific filters that apply certain labels and then Stringify can trigger based of labels.

    This so I can utilize the two buttons on a wink relay with homeseer.

    I already sideloaded the hstouch APK on the screen part of the relay.

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    I haven't tested it, but yes, there is good chances that this plugin can already be used with Stringify since it also has a Dropbox channel.


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      It appears that the dropbox channel has the same triggers and actions.

      I just wasnt sure about the scripts and specific IFTTT enabled events.