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Package Delivery Announcement via IFTTT Plug-in

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  • Package Delivery Announcement via IFTTT Plug-in

    This isn't a question. I'm just sharing what I was able to do with Spud's plugin, but not with the native IFTTT capability.

    Basically, I wanted HS to announce whenever a package was delivered since I typically use the garage entrance and not the front door. I have currently signed up for package status notices via SMS Text with USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Generally, these texts are pretty instantaneous when a package is delivered versus the email notices that are frequently delayed.

    How I accomplished this is by defining an IFTTT Recipe (actually 3 - one each for USPS, UPS, and FedEx), that when I receive a SMS text from a certain number, it creates a file on Dropbox "ingredients" as follows:


    The SPUD IFTTT plug-in then retrieves this message and puts the data (date/time, sender number, sender contact name, and message) into HS Global variables. I then have two events that run:

    1) If IFTTT trigger from the plug in (i.e. got a new file), copy the Global variables into virtual devices. I do this so whatever the last received text info is saved and survives a HS restart.

    2) The 2nd event looks for any change in the OccurredAt value AND checks to see if the word "delivered" is in the text message. If so, I have HS announce that a package was delivered.

    When I have some more time, I'll try to parse out the received message further to have it announce more info about the delivery such as location (ie. mailbox/front porch) and signed for by, etc.

    Note, you could this method in a more generic way so that EVERY text you receive could be saved to a virtual device(s) in HS and have it trigger an action.

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    This seems rather complicated. Why not just trigger an HS3 event based on an email received from UPS, etc.

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      It was certainly more complicated than I wanted, but I had originally started with the email messages; however, the email delivery notices are often hours delayed versus text message which come through as soon as they scan the package at your door.

      I was hoping to do it more more natively, but there's no easy way to get SMS to HS (looked into teh GSM plug in). Ultimately though, it works perfectly.


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        Thanks for sharing.