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  • Help with Stringify

    Ok, I have set everything up, files are being written to the Stringify folder in Dropbox. The notification test works. But how do I specify which flow to trigger in Stringify? As far as I can tell there are two triggers - New file (and only the ability to specify a type of file, not then name) or a file has changed (again no way to specify file name).

    I have included a pic of my events below. Thanks.

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    Then I guess you would need to create one dropbox folder for each event.


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      I played around with this some more and it doesn't seem to be working for me. I was able to get the test scenario working as mentioned.

      So I tried creating an event that wrote to Dropbox Stringify-TVOff, and Stringify-TVOn. I see files being written to the folders in Dropbox. But Stringify is not doing anything. Also, I am running into a number of quirks in the Stringify app. For example, most of the time the Dropbox folder scroller most of the time only shows "Home" when I have multiple folders in my dropbox. If I click back and forth between the screens numerous times the scroller eventually populates with all of the folders in my dropbox. My problems seem to get worse, when the scroller populates I can't always select the folder name.

      So it is very difficult to test when I run into such anomalies. Does anyone have stringify working and can post some example flows that I can try to mimic? Thanks.