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IFTTT Event runs only once

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  • IFTTT Event runs only once

    Hi I decided to try the IFTTT plug-in to explore the possibilities in combination with iPhone location.
    I followed all the instructions and got it working. the IFTTT/ Dropbox part seems to work perfectly. When leaving an area, an txt document is created and placed into dropbox.
    Than this file is noticed by the Plugin and the trigger in Hs3 execute an event.
    The strange thing is though, that this occurs only once. After the first time the next documents in dropbox seems to be ignored by the plug-in?
    So what's wrong here?
    okt-01 13:39:44      Event    Event Trigger "testing test ifttt trigger - leaving"        okt-01 13:39:43      IFTTT    DEBUG New file leaving.txt found in /ifttt/triggers/leaving/leaving.txt        okt-01 13:12:15      IFTTT    DEBUG Folder IFTTT/Triggers/leaving is now monitored        okt-01 13:12:15      IFTTT    DEBUG Folder IFTTT/Triggers/arriving is now monitored        okt-01 13:12:14      Plug-In    Finished initializing plug-in IFTTT        okt-01 13:12:14      IFTTT    INFO IFTTT version        okt-01 13:12:14      Info    Plugin IFTTT has connected. IP: 

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    once the event is triggered, does the txt file is correctly deleted from your dropbox folder?

    please install version, available here:


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      Thanks for the fast reply. The files were not deleted form the dropbox folder. So that might have been the problem. I have installed version Lets see if that helps. After the update al the "older" files were deleted and the event triggered by the latest document in dropbox has been executed. Now I have to wait till I go out again to find out it it works...
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