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  • sparkman
    Originally posted by mwaite View Post
    And here's an example of the really frustrating messages from Apple. All these came in just last night, then it stopped, then two more this morning. Why a 5 minute increment I don't understand (my polling is set to 1 min for both phones).
    Click image for larger version  Name:	pic.jpg Views:	0 Size:	80.9 KB ID:	1308118
    I would redo your apple accounts. I only get one of those the first time I re-authenticate. The error messages you are getting indicate something else is wrong. Have you signed into your icloud account recently?

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  • mwaite
    And here's an example of the really frustrating messages from Apple. All these came in just last night, then it stopped, then two more this morning. Why a 5 minute increment I don't understand (my polling is set to 1 min for both phones).
    Click image for larger version  Name:	pic.jpg Views:	0 Size:	80.9 KB ID:	1308118

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  • mwaite
    I already have API errors turned off.

    For the 2FA, even though I have successfully authenticated both iphones (there are two iphones with two different Apple accounts using the plugin), we both get warning emails from Apple about someone accessing our system. I understood a re-authenticate would be required before every 30 days, but as I mentioned earlier, if I re-authenticate to get rid of the messages we still get the warnings, sometimes the next day, sometimes several days later. They go away by themselves mostly, and they do not seem to prevent the plugin from getting updates, so this is very confusing and frustrating.

    These are the messages I got just this morning that resulted in my turning the plugin off:

    PHP Code:
    Line 8843495/30/2019 7:14:49 AM~!~PHLocation2~!~(StartupFinished at 07:14:49.394
        Line 884725
    5/30/2019 8:59:25 AM~!~Event~!~Event Trigger "PHLocation2 Mike at Office"
    Line 8847335/30/2019 8:59:25 AM~!~Event~!~Event Trigger "PHLocation2 Mike Location Enter"
    Line 8847895/30/2019 9:31:51 AM~!~PHLocation2~!~(PruneDbPruning database records older than1989-11-03 00:00:00
        Line 884791
    5/30/2019 9:31:51 AM~!~PHLocation2~!~(PruneDbDatabase pruned to 11/3/1989 12:00:00 AM OK.
    Line 8848255/30/2019 9:55:12 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(UpdateTimeAtLocDevicesExceptionSystem.NullReferenceExceptionObject reference not set to an instance of an object.
    Line 8850515/30/2019 9:55:30 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8850535/30/2019 9:55:30 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8850555/30/2019 9:55:30 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8850575/30/2019 9:55:30 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8850595/30/2019 9:55:30 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8850615/30/2019 9:55:30 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8850635/30/2019 9:55:30 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8850655/30/2019 9:55:30 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8850675/30/2019 9:55:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8850695/30/2019 9:55:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8850715/30/2019 9:55:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8850735/30/2019 9:55:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8850755/30/2019 9:55:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8850775/30/2019 9:55:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8850795/30/2019 9:55:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8850815/30/2019 9:55:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8850835/30/2019 9:55:40 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8850855/30/2019 9:55:40 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8850875/30/2019 9:55:40 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8850895/30/2019 9:55:40 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8850915/30/2019 9:55:41 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8850935/30/2019 9:55:41 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8850955/30/2019 9:55:41 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8850975/30/2019 9:55:41 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8850995/30/2019 9:55:46 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(LogoutIC WebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (421Misdirected Request.
    Line 8851015/30/2019 9:55:46 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(PollAccountiCloud Logout problem
        Line 885103
    5/30/2019 9:55:46 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(LogoutIC WebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (421Misdirected Request.
    Line 8851055/30/2019 9:55:46 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(PollAccountiCloud Logout problem
        Line 885111
    5/30/2019 9:58:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8851135/30/2019 9:58:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8851155/30/2019 9:58:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8851175/30/2019 9:58:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8851195/30/2019 9:58:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8851215/30/2019 9:58:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8851235/30/2019 9:58:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8851255/30/2019 9:58:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8854015/30/2019 9:58:51 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8854035/30/2019 9:58:51 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8854055/30/2019 9:58:51 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8854075/30/2019 9:58:51 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8854095/30/2019 9:58:51 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8854115/30/2019 9:58:51 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8854135/30/2019 9:58:51 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8854155/30/2019 9:58:51 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8854175/30/2019 9:58:56 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8854195/30/2019 9:58:56 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8854215/30/2019 9:58:56 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8854235/30/2019 9:58:56 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8854255/30/2019 9:58:56 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8854275/30/2019 9:58:56 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8854295/30/2019 9:58:56 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8854315/30/2019 9:58:56 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8854335/30/2019 9:59:01 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8854355/30/2019 9:59:01 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8854375/30/2019 9:59:01 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8854395/30/2019 9:59:01 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8854415/30/2019 9:59:01 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8854435/30/2019 9:59:01 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8854455/30/2019 9:59:01 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8854475/30/2019 9:59:01 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8854495/30/2019 9:59:06 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(LogoutIC WebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (421Misdirected Request.
    Line 8854515/30/2019 9:59:06 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(PollAccountiCloud Logout problem
        Line 885453
    5/30/2019 9:59:06 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(LogoutIC WebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (421Misdirected Request.
    Line 8854555/30/2019 9:59:06 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(PollAccountiCloud Logout problem
        Line 886917
    5/30/2019 10:11:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8869195/30/2019 10:11:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8869215/30/2019 10:11:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8869235/30/2019 10:11:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8870815/30/2019 10:11:45 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8870835/30/2019 10:11:45 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8870855/30/2019 10:11:58 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8870875/30/2019 10:11:58 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8870895/30/2019 10:11:58 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8870915/30/2019 10:11:58 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8870935/30/2019 10:12:00 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8870955/30/2019 10:12:00 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8870975/30/2019 10:12:00 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8870995/30/2019 10:12:00 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8871015/30/2019 10:12:03 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8871035/30/2019 10:12:03 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8871055/30/2019 10:12:03 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8871075/30/2019 10:12:03 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8871095/30/2019 10:12:05 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8871115/30/2019 10:12:05 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8871135/30/2019 10:12:05 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8871155/30/2019 10:12:05 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8871175/30/2019 10:12:08 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8871195/30/2019 10:12:08 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8871215/30/2019 10:12:08 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8871235/30/2019 10:12:08 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8871255/30/2019 10:12:10 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8871275/30/2019 10:12:10 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8871295/30/2019 10:12:10 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8871315/30/2019 10:12:10 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8871335/30/2019 10:12:13 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(LogoutIC WebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (421Misdirected Request.
    Line 8871355/30/2019 10:12:13 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(PollAccountiCloud Logout problem
        Line 887137
    5/30/2019 10:12:15 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(LogoutIC WebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (421Misdirected Request.
    Line 8871395/30/2019 10:12:15 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(PollAccountiCloud Logout problem
        Line 887425
    5/30/2019 10:14:26 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8874275/30/2019 10:14:26 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8874295/30/2019 10:14:26 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8874315/30/2019 10:14:26 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8874335/30/2019 10:14:26 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8874355/30/2019 10:14:26 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8874375/30/2019 10:14:26 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8874395/30/2019 10:14:26 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8874835/30/2019 10:14:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8874855/30/2019 10:14:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8874875/30/2019 10:14:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8874895/30/2019 10:14:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8874915/30/2019 10:14:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8874935/30/2019 10:14:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8874955/30/2019 10:14:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8874975/30/2019 10:14:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8874995/30/2019 10:14:47 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8875015/30/2019 10:14:47 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8875035/30/2019 10:14:47 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8875055/30/2019 10:14:47 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
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    Line 8876095/30/2019 10:17:41 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
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    Line 8876135/30/2019 10:17:41 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8876155/30/2019 10:17:41 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
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    Line 8876235/30/2019 10:17:41 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
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    Line 8876295/30/2019 10:17:46 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8876315/30/2019 10:17:46 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8876335/30/2019 10:17:46 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
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        Line 887963
    5/30/2019 10:20:26 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
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    Line 8879775/30/2019 10:20:27 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
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    Line 8879835/30/2019 10:20:31 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8879855/30/2019 10:20:31 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8879875/30/2019 10:20:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
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    Line 8879915/30/2019 10:20:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8879935/30/2019 10:20:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
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    Line 8879995/30/2019 10:20:36 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8880015/30/2019 10:20:36 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8880035/30/2019 10:20:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8880055/30/2019 10:20:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8880075/30/2019 10:20:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8880095/30/2019 10:20:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8880115/30/2019 10:20:41 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8880135/30/2019 10:20:41 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8880155/30/2019 10:20:41 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8880175/30/2019 10:20:41 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8880195/30/2019 10:20:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8880215/30/2019 10:20:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8880235/30/2019 10:20:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8880255/30/2019 10:20:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
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    Line 8880295/30/2019 10:20:47 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(PollAccountiCloud Logout problem
        Line 888031
    5/30/2019 10:20:47 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(LogoutIC WebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (421Misdirected Request.
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        Line 888963
    5/30/2019 10:25:16 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8889775/30/2019 10:25:16 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8889795/30/2019 10:25:16 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8889815/30/2019 10:25:16 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8891635/30/2019 10:25:19 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8891655/30/2019 10:25:19 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8891675/30/2019 10:25:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8891695/30/2019 10:25:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8891715/30/2019 10:25:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8891735/30/2019 10:25:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8891755/30/2019 10:25:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8891775/30/2019 10:25:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8891795/30/2019 10:25:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8891815/30/2019 10:25:35 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8891835/30/2019 10:25:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8891855/30/2019 10:25:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8891875/30/2019 10:25:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8891895/30/2019 10:25:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8891915/30/2019 10:25:40 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8891935/30/2019 10:25:40 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8891955/30/2019 10:25:40 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8891975/30/2019 10:25:40 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8891995/30/2019 10:25:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8892015/30/2019 10:25:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8892035/30/2019 10:25:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8892055/30/2019 10:25:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8892075/30/2019 10:25:45 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8892095/30/2019 10:25:45 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8892115/30/2019 10:25:45 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8892135/30/2019 10:25:45 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8892155/30/2019 10:25:47 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(LogoutIC WebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (421Misdirected Request.
    Line 8892175/30/2019 10:25:47 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(PollAccountiCloud Logout problem
        Line 889219
    5/30/2019 10:25:50 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(LogoutIC WebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (421Misdirected Request.
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        Line 889761
    5/30/2019 10:27:45 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8897635/30/2019 10:27:45 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8897655/30/2019 10:27:45 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8897675/30/2019 10:27:45 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8897695/30/2019 10:27:45 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8897715/30/2019 10:27:45 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8897735/30/2019 10:27:45 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8897755/30/2019 10:27:45 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8897795/30/2019 10:28:01 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8897815/30/2019 10:28:01 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8897835/30/2019 10:28:01 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8897855/30/2019 10:28:01 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8897875/30/2019 10:28:02 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8897895/30/2019 10:28:02 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8897915/30/2019 10:28:02 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8897935/30/2019 10:28:02 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8897955/30/2019 10:28:06 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8897975/30/2019 10:28:06 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8897995/30/2019 10:28:06 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898015/30/2019 10:28:06 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8898035/30/2019 10:28:07 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898055/30/2019 10:28:07 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8898075/30/2019 10:28:07 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898095/30/2019 10:28:07 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8898115/30/2019 10:28:11 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898135/30/2019 10:28:11 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8898155/30/2019 10:28:11 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898175/30/2019 10:28:11 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8898195/30/2019 10:28:12 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898215/30/2019 10:28:12 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8898235/30/2019 10:28:12 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898255/30/2019 10:28:12 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8898275/30/2019 10:28:16 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(LogoutIC WebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (421Misdirected Request.
    Line 8898295/30/2019 10:28:16 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(PollAccountiCloud Logout problem
        Line 889831
    5/30/2019 10:28:21 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898335/30/2019 10:28:21 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8898355/30/2019 10:28:21 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898375/30/2019 10:28:21 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8898395/30/2019 10:28:26 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898415/30/2019 10:28:26 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8898435/30/2019 10:28:26 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898455/30/2019 10:28:26 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8898475/30/2019 10:28:31 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898495/30/2019 10:28:31 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8898515/30/2019 10:28:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898535/30/2019 10:28:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8898555/30/2019 10:28:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898575/30/2019 10:28:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8898595/30/2019 10:28:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898615/30/2019 10:28:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8898635/30/2019 10:28:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898655/30/2019 10:28:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8898675/30/2019 10:28:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8898695/30/2019 10:28:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8898715/30/2019 10:28:47 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(LogoutIC WebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (421Misdirected Request.
    Line 8898735/30/2019 10:28:47 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(PollAccountiCloud Logout problem
        Line 890437
    5/30/2019 10:30:27 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8904395/30/2019 10:30:27 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8904415/30/2019 10:30:27 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8904435/30/2019 10:30:27 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8904455/30/2019 10:30:27 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8904475/30/2019 10:30:27 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8904495/30/2019 10:30:27 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8904515/30/2019 10:30:27 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8904555/30/2019 10:30:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8904575/30/2019 10:30:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8904595/30/2019 10:30:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8904615/30/2019 10:30:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8904635/30/2019 10:30:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8904655/30/2019 10:30:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8904675/30/2019 10:30:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8904695/30/2019 10:30:32 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8904715/30/2019 10:30:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8904735/30/2019 10:30:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8904755/30/2019 10:30:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8904775/30/2019 10:30:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8904795/30/2019 10:30:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8904815/30/2019 10:30:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8904835/30/2019 10:30:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8904855/30/2019 10:30:37 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8904895/30/2019 10:30:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8904915/30/2019 10:30:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for someone@icloud.comTrying again.
    Line 8904935/30/2019 10:30:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8904955/30/2019 10:30:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for someone@icloud.comAborting update.
    Line 8904975/30/2019 10:30:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8904995/30/2019 10:30:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8905015/30/2019 10:30:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8905035/30/2019 10:30:42 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8905055/30/2019 10:30:47 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(LogoutIC WebException for Ref:3344 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (421Misdirected Request.
    Line 8905075/30/2019 10:30:47 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(PollAccountiCloud Logout problem
        Line 890509
    5/30/2019 10:30:47 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(LogoutIC WebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (421Misdirected Request.
    Line 8905115/30/2019 10:30:47 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(PollAccountiCloud Logout problem
        Line 890515
    5/30/2019 10:31:07 AM~!~PHLocation2~!~(SetIOMultiAuto polling stopped for [3344]
    Line 8910555/30/2019 10:32:38 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8910575/30/2019 10:32:38 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8910595/30/2019 10:32:38 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8910615/30/2019 10:32:38 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8910815/30/2019 10:32:53 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8910835/30/2019 10:32:53 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8910855/30/2019 10:32:53 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8910875/30/2019 10:32:53 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8910895/30/2019 10:32:58 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8910915/30/2019 10:32:58 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8910935/30/2019 10:32:58 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8910955/30/2019 10:32:58 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8910975/30/2019 10:33:03 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8910995/30/2019 10:33:03 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 1 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comTrying again.
    Line 8911015/30/2019 10:33:03 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(GetDevicesWebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (450).
    Line 8911035/30/2019 10:33:03 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(UpdateDevicesIC GetDevices attempt 2 returned empty for mxx@coxlxxx.comAborting update.
    Line 8911055/30/2019 10:33:08 AM~!~PHLocation2 Error~!~(LogoutIC WebException for Ref:3936 Msg:The remote server returned an error: (421Misdirected Request.
    Line 8911075/30/2019 10:33:08 AM~!~PHLocation2 Warning~!~(PollAccountiCloud Logout problem
        Line 891645
    5/30/2019 10:35:23 AM~!~Plug-In~!~Shutting down Plug-InPHLocation2
        Line 891647
    5/30/2019 10:35:23 AM~!~PHLocation2~!~(CloseAllServiceAccountsClosed FollowMee service Ref3304
        Line 891649
    5/30/2019 10:35:23 AM~!~PHLocation2~!~(CloseAllServiceAccountsClosed iCloud service Ref3344
        Line 891651
    5/30/2019 10:35:23 AM~!~PHLocation2~!~(CloseAllServiceAccountsClosed iCloud service Ref3936
        Line 891653
    5/30/2019 10:35:23 AM~!~PHLocation2~!~(StopDQThreadsPos DQ thread stopped OK
        Line 891655
    5/30/2019 10:35:23 AM~!~PHLocation2~!~(StopDQThreadsFence DQ thread stopped OK
        Line 891657
    5/30/2019 10:35:23 AM~!~PHLocation2~!~(ShutdownIOPlug-In Shutdown complete.
    Line 8916595/30/2019 10:35:23 AM~!~Info~!~Plugin PHLocation2 with instance:  has disconnected
        Line 894022
    5/30/2019 12:55:15 PM~!~Plug-In~!~Found plug-inPHLocation2version3.0.0.63 

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  • sparkman
    Originally posted by mwaite View Post
    So many PHLocation2 errors constantly in the logs, this is so frustrating. Sometimes there is nothing, other times HS3 logs are non-stop full of PHLocation2 errors. The plugin continues to work though (although yesterday it crashed once), Additionally, the 2FA log-in warnings pop up constantly too! Resetting the 2FA works, but it doesn't stop the warnings from Apple about someone trying to log in. I know I'm not the only one with these issues, and there are many examples on this thread about errors and 2FA issues. I really depend on this plugin but once again I've had to turn it off so I don't keep slamming my family with Apple warning messages. Any help here please?
    Are they API errors? If so, you can disable the logging of those under the API tab on the plugin Config page. Once 2FA is reset, you should not see any messages about that. My understanding is that there's nothing that can be done about the need to reset 2FA every thirty days or so. Best to put a reminder in your calendar for every 25 days or so, so that it can be done pro-actively.

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  • mwaite
    So many PHLocation2 errors constantly in the logs, this is so frustrating. Sometimes there is nothing, other times HS3 logs are non-stop full of PHLocation2 errors. The plugin continues to work though (although yesterday it crashed once), Additionally, the 2FA log-in warnings pop up constantly too! Resetting the 2FA works, but it doesn't stop the warnings from Apple about someone trying to log in. I know I'm not the only one with these issues, and there are many examples on this thread about errors and 2FA issues. I really depend on this plugin but once again I've had to turn it off so I don't keep slamming my family with Apple warning messages. Any help here please?

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  • metkhoo
    Must say that PHLocation2 seems to work very well with GeoFency on the iPhone.

    Well done Paul

    Just a comment on the User Guide for PHLocation2. GeoFency page. The text says:

    "The unique DeviceID from the mobile app is required but this ID is not available to the user within the app's GUI so has to be obtained from the first data upload to the plug-in.
    Set up and configure the EgiGeoZone app on your mobile device as detailed in the app set-up section below and send a test request from the app."

    I assume it should say

    "The unique DeviceID from the mobile app is required but this ID is not available to the user within the app's GUI so has to be obtained from the first data upload to the plug-in.
    Set up and configure the GeoFency app on your mobile device as detailed in the app set-up section below and send a test request from the app."

    Also for accuacy I guess the following line

    "Within that message will be the DeviceID for that instance of the application enclosed in square brackets. e.g.[A123B654C987]. The ID is the part between (not including) the square brackets. Copy the ID from the HS log and enter it here."

    Should really read

    "Within that message will be the DeviceID for that instance of the application enclosed in square brackets. e.g.[A123C12A-98F0-1234-1234-A123C4567D12]. The ID is the part between (not including) the square brackets. Copy the ID from the HS log and enter it here."

    Need to test this a bit further but currently highly impressed so far.

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  • CeeTee
    Originally posted by sparkman View Post

    You’ll likely need to reauthenticate every month. Set a schedule so that you can do it proactively, as Murphy’s law says that it will happen at an inopportune time if you don’t.
    Thanks, I'll set up a reminder.

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  • sparkman
    Originally posted by CeeTee View Post
    Was having issues under PHL1 with Apple sending me the "account access" message every hour so I came here and discovered PHL2. I installed it and had some trouble getting the 2FA working but discovered that if I just kept trying over and over again, sometimes re-loading the page I finally got the "verify" button , go the code and was good to go. For my wife's account, got the "verify" button right away but had to keep trying the code...about 20 times until I finally got verification.

    Pleased to report that all seems to be working properly...and no more "account access" messages from Apple.

    Will start playing the maps and geofences next.
    Cheers! ...and thanks Paul ...donation on its way.
    You’ll likely need to reauthenticate every month. Set a schedule so that you can do it proactively, as Murphy’s law says that it will happen at an inopportune time if you don’t.

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  • CeeTee
    Was having issues under PHL1 with Apple sending me the "account access" message every hour so I came here and discovered PHL2. I installed it and had some trouble getting the 2FA working but discovered that if I just kept trying over and over again, sometimes re-loading the page I finally got the "verify" button , go the code and was good to go. For my wife's account, got the "verify" button right away but had to keep trying the code...about 20 times until I finally got verification.

    Pleased to report that all seems to be working properly...and no more "account access" messages from Apple.

    Will start playing the maps and geofences next.
    Cheers! ...and thanks Paul ...donation on its way.

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  • Moskus
    Wow, didn't realise that phLocation2 was in the works. I absolutely LOVE the Life360 integration, and it's much more stable than the other android apps I've tried!

    However, I've already made some locations in LIfe360, and I was hoping to import them rather than having to recreate them in phLocation2. The app has syncronized multiple times, but there's still no button showing up on my Life360 account root device (under properties, of course).

    Am I missing something?

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  • Chewbucka

    I'm seeing an issue when leaving my home area. I've noticed that after just one or two location updates (I have Backitude sending updates every 30 seconds with a minimum distance to move set to .08 miles), my Home Direction will change from Stopped to Approaching. My path leaving home winds back around through the neighborhood so I'm sure that between the first and second location update that my distance may get closer to Home. The issue is that I thought there is supposed to be at least 3 location updates before the direction is updated from Stopped to either approaching or leaving. It's almost like the plugin is remembering the last updates from the previous day and sn't being reset to 0 when the direction changes to stopped after I've been home for some time.

    Here are my config file values:


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  • jayman13
    This may have been answered before but I cannot find it. Is there a way to have the map viewer trace a route as opposed to spot collections of locations? It would be much better if it just followed the road rate in the numerical order. This may be too difficult to accomplish however?

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  • randman
    Some questions regarding PHLocation. First some background - I'm a longtime user and fan of PHLocation V1. I use it with Geofency to trigger events when an iPhone goes in and out of specified fence areas. I also have iBeacons in my home and cars so Geofency can tell if we're at home or in the car. So far, I've only used Geofency with PHLocation. I haven't had a need (yet) for HomeSeer to know our actual locations. When I need to know someone's location, I can use the iPhone's "Find Friends" app. But, I haven't had a use-case for sending location-specific (e.g. latitude/longitude) information to HomeSeer. Having said that, some questions:

    1. Other than "keeping up to date" for future fixes/enhancements, if Geofency is all I need for now, any benefits to upgrade from PHLocation V1 to V2?

    2. Is the interface between PHLocation V2 and Apple location information based on official Apple APIs?

    3. If I don't need location-specific information (latitude/longitude), is Geofency still the best way for Geofence use, or can built-in Apple functionality provide Geofence info to PHLocation so as not to need Geofency?


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  • Tomgru
    Figured it out..for some reason they werent selected in device type dropdown. Funny, I never use that filter on the device manger page.

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  • Tomgru
    I see this under user/devices. one enabled/one not?
    Click image for larger version

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