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PHLocation V2 Release Notes

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    PHLocation V2 Release Notes

    Download the plug-in and user guide here

    There was an issue in versions and where on each start the plug-in could create an additional message panel HS3 device.
    If you have installed one of these versions then install version or later then use the HS3 device management page and search for all instances of Device Type "Message Panel" then delete all but one of the devices and re-start the plug-in.

    v Nov 12th 2019
    Fixed - removed registration requirements, until a new registration method is established

    v Feb 18th 2019
    Fixed - New installations of any version between and would throw a database SQL error when trying to add a known location.

    v Feb 12th 2019
    Added - Any location can be specified in Enter/Exit location trigger.
    Changed - Message panel will now show a single message containing all transitioned known locations for a single update.

    v Feb 11th 2019
    Fixed - Plug-in would create multiple message panel devices under some circumstances.

    v Feb 10th 2019
    Fixed - Plug-in could fail to start on first run for systems where decimal separator is not dot.

    v Feb 10th 2019
    Added - Message Panel device.

    v Feb 6th 2019
    Fixed - Polling of service accounts freezing after first poll on some systems.
    Fixed - Dynamic history maps would fail to display if a known location name contained an apostrophe and was included on the map.

    v Feb 4th 2019
    Fixed - Further fixes to API settings on config page.
    Fixed - Driving distance / time lookups failing on systems with "," as decimal separator.
    Fixed - Various typo's and other small bug fixes.

    v Feb 2nd 2019
    Fixed - API preferences on plug-in config page not saving correctly.

    v Feb 1st 2019
    Fixed - Custom path & file name not working for static maps.

    v Feb 1st 2019
    Added - Static maps functionality similar to how it was in PHLocation V1. Works with Google and Mapquest.
    Fixed - Backitude speed value incorrectly reported.
    Fixed - A new Known Location could be saved more than once resulting in duplicate records.
    Fixed - Known Locations with an apostrophe in the name were not saved.

    v Jan 27th 2019
    Change - Typo on FMIP alert message event action.
    Change - Functions that use decimal values changed to prevent issues where system decimal separator is not dot.
    Change - Beacon statuses changed to In Range and Not In Range.
    Change - Added user guide link to plug-in menu.
    Other minor bug fixes.

    v Jan 22nd 2019
    Fixed - If elevation data was not included in a GET/POST and the user had set an elevation provider then it wasn't being looked up.
    Fixed - Plug-in event actions were not kept intact for copied events.
    Added - Custom position data now accepts device state and charge state parameters.
    Fixed - Course child device value / graphic pair range was set 0-180 instead of 0-360
    Fixed - Service account polling could be disabled under certain circumstances.
    Fixed - Entry / Exit triggers wouldn't fire if there were multiple overlapping known locations and the user was within more than 1 location.
    Added - New known locations can be added via phl2api.
    Fixed - Home location direction device was not showing correct status.
    Fixed - Issue causing the plug-in not to fully shut down (introduced in
    Other minor bug fixes.

    There is an issue in versions .45, .46 and .47 that prevents the plug-in from fully shutting down. This will prevent a new version being installed as it can't overwrite the plug-in's exe file.
    If you are installing .48 or later over one of these versions then you will need to:
    1. Disable the plug-in from the HS3 manage plug-ins page.
    2. Stop and re-start HS3 with the plug-in disabled.
    3. Install new plug-in version through the HS3 installer.
    4. Enable plug-in in the HS3 manage plug-ins page.

    If the plug-in still fails to install, then it will be necessary to stop HS3 and manually delete the file \HS3\HSPI_PHLocation2.exe then re-start HS3 and run the install again.

    v Jan 17th 2019
    Added - Plug-In action to send Find My iPhone Alert messages.
    Added - Child device for position type users to show Approaching or Leaving home location.

    v Jan 15th 2019
    Added - New user type "Monitored Position". External HS3 devices can be specified as the source for lat, lon and accuracy of a position type user.
    Added - Extra debug logging added to procedure that writes fence data to db to enable better error tracking.

    v Jan 13th 2019
    Fixed - Copied events containing a plug-in trigger could not be modified without totally rebuilding the event trigger.
    Fixed - Other minor bug fixes.

    v Jan 12th 2019
    Fixed - FollowMee devices were not being updated.
    Fixed - Setting a polling interval > 2h on service accounts wasn't working.