All my iclouddevices distance and time to home stopped updating about 4 days ago.

All other parametes of the devices are updated, I tried to delete the devices and re-created them via the re-build option but even then, they don'T get updated.

I had to regenerate my Google API about at the same time this stopped working because I was not getting the static png images anymore but I can't seem to find out what could have stopped those two devices being updated.

I can see the following message in te log but this gives me no clue where to look:
mars-14 17:25:32 PHLocation2 Warning (ProcKnownLocations) DT Primary distance lookup failed and alternative provider is not set!
mars-14 17:25:32 PHLocation2 Error (GetDistanceG) Error: Empty response.
Anyone have a clue ?

For an unknown reason when I re-generated my API key on google cloud, the distance matric, geocoding and maps elevation API got removed from the list of active API. I just re-activated those 3 API's and everything start working again