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Speak SMS after device changes value

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    Speak SMS after device changes value

    I am trying to get HS3 to speak a SMS but only after a device changes value. I have the plugin that it speaks a SMS if it contains a trigger word. That works. But now I want to delay the speak action until a device value changes to on.
    Any idea how I could do that ? Also, after the message has been spoken, I would like to 'clear' it, so next time the device changes value it will not be spoken again.

    Mike are you saying you're looking for the following scenario:

    1. Send SMS "Lights on"
    2. turn on an HS3 device called "lights'
    3. Wait until the "lights" device shows as "on"
    4. Speak "The lights have now turned on"

    Or are you trying to speak the actual content of the SMS after some other event occurs? So "once I turn the lights off, speak the contents of the last SMS I received"?

    The latter could be achieved by using the HS3 substitution variables and some basic logic and virtual devices.
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      I want to speak my last SMS when I device changes. But I think I have a sort of solution idea in my head. As the last message is stored in a device, I can just speak it when I come home (that's the device change to trigger it) I have to create some additional logic, so it only speaks it if there is a key work starting with the message. so if I get any spam messages they will not be spoken when I come home. I have not thought about that yet...