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Issue with Maestro 100T Modem

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  • beerygaz
    What Pete said. Are you sure the modem is on COM2? What com port do you use with Putty?

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  • petez69
    Is this a real rs232 port on the motherboard or a virtual serial port via usb ?

    All your logging shows that com2 doesnt exist. I gather you can see it in device manager ok ?

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  • Guest
    Guest started a topic Issue with Maestro 100T Modem

    Issue with Maestro 100T Modem


    I am having an issue getting the Maestro 100T modem working on my system. At one point I had a GSM version of this modem working, then converted over to a CDMA version and now HS SMSGW cannot get connectivity with the unit. I have reliable connectivity using a standard terminal program (PuTTY), so this is not an issue with the modem or driver. I have attached some information that hopefully will be helpful in resolving the issue, thank you in advance for any assistance with this.

    Thank you,

    A few addition notes:
    1. Yes, I do have the COM port configured for the same come port that PuTTY is able to connect to.
    2. I have rebooted the PC a number of time to see if this would help, no lock.
    3. I have un-installed and re-installed the drivers multiple times to see if this would have any effect, no luck.
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