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    Existing ATT Modem

    I am very new to this. I am wanting to set up SMS messaging and wanting to know if i can do so with my homes current Att internet modem??

    That's unlikely. You need a modem that supports the GSM SMS protocol and that exposes itself to your HS3 machine as a serial (com) port.

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      If you've used Aliexpress there are a number of gsm modems on there though It will depend on the carrier you plan to use. In Australia we are on dual band 3G, my modem was around $60USD. Very easy to setup the plugin once you have the right modem


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        What is the AT&T internet modem?? you are writing about?

        Most likely if you are using a rented combo AT&T cellular modem for home use you not be able to use it's SMS functions. But this is only a guess.

        I have a small portable T-Mobile LTE device that only works wirelessly. If I go to the web page of the device I do stuff with it. It is limited.

        I also utilize multiple SIM (2 SIMs) Nexus Hawks here utilized for emergency point of presence devices. This device has a GPS in it for location use. I have a few of these but not currently tinkering with them.

        The current US cellular telcos do not allow any devices these days to be utilized on their networks especially for consumer use. You can though purchase a commercial device for this use and it will work. (used by central life and saftey call centers or say fleet management purposes).

        Here utilize an old Ericcson W.25 3 G modem which serves me as a backup internet, telephone connection to my cable ISP connection (which also is internet and VOIP).

        I did find out that I can do SMS with it via telnet command and it does work.

        Only thing is that I have to pin hole the connection to it via my PFSense firewall or do a direct network connection to it to do telnet.

        Another device that would work would be an old 3G telephone with a USB connection to make it a modem. The new LTE phones do not let you utilize the USB port modem wise unless you cook the OS and re enable the port.

        It is much different here in the US than internationally. IE: I am paying for multiple sim cards here with unlimited internet, voice, text on them but telco's limit my usage on them to cell phones. I have also written off AT&T as they slammed my multiple SIM ancillary unlimited accounts from 25 years ago. That said I wrote them off with my copper years ago and now that they own DTV may write them off on DTV (have had it since the beginning).

        BTW just about writing off T-Mobile. They are over subscribed these days and LTE really only works with them if you are near one of their cell towers and they are cheap not really renting many cell towers these days. For a while they were blocking my HS sourced email to text messages stuff. Initially they had me log in to their barracuda firewalls (a first) to configure my settings. What a joke that was. I have opened up technical tickets with them and I do believe they probably have 1-2 3rd level support people in this country supporting their network cuz basically they are too cheap. Note this is all opinion based on my dealings with T-Mobile.

        It is much easier just to utilize Homeseer to send email to cellular text numbers. Make the emails short.

        There are issues today with ISP's managing your internet access as they are in it for the money no matter what you think. It is much worse with the cellular telco's here as they totally manage your Internet on the cell phone and it is only relating to their wanting to make monies.
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