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Aircard 320U - WIndows 7

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    Aircard 320U - WIndows 7

    Hi Folks

    My chinese Simcom 3G modem has been dropping network recently, I cant work out if the service provider changed configurations on their CELL towers or if the modem started to have a problem. Where it goes horribly wrong, the message will remain in the message center until the modem logs back in, not handy opening the roller door when I'm resting something up against it and it randomly opens !!!!!! As such I've been keen to move to 4G, I've had lots of success with these Sierra Aircard 320U modems on Linux, they are rock solid USB devices.

    Software/Driver support

    1) Upgrade the firmware, do not try getting it to work reliably on old firmware. The links are in the above URL
    2) INstall Aircard Watcher, these have the drivers needed.
    3) Once you start the application and it sees the modem, un-install the aircard watcher app as it takes control of the devices
    4) Reboot the H/S box and plug the modem back in, under device manager you will see a serial AT port.
    5) Point the plugin at the comm port and it should work

    If you dont un-install airwatcher the plugin wont see the modem. When you uninstall it does NOT remove the drivers.

    I've noted here in Australia, 4g mobile to the 4G AT modem, the messages are SUPER FAST. I can be 4 steps away from the front door and press send and the door almost instantly unlocks, seamless....

    Gavin has done an AWESOME job with this plugin !!