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Problem receiving messages, sending is okay

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    Problem receiving messages, sending is okay


    I'm trying to get my modem functioning with sms gateway so i can purchase it.
    Its a Huwaei E1752 USB.
    Everything seems to work properly except for receiving messages, i can send fine.
    I think it needs the CNMI alterating. I've tried custom strings which the modem accepts with an 'OK' response, but within a few seconds i can see through the modem log that the default plugins 2,1,0,0,0 CNMI gets re-sent, so it overides the custom string, at least I think that is what happens.
    I should say that on restarting the plugin i get a message count in the log, e.g. 3/20, but its only when I physically remove and reinsert the USB modem that it brings in the new messages.
    Can you help?
    I've attached the logs. I'd love to get this going as the possibilities are endless.
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    Usually when a USB modem works briefly then fails it's because windows power management is kicking in and putting it to sleep. Can you disable USB power management and see if this solves the issue?
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