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Recommendation for Hardware/Carrier

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    Recommendation for Hardware/Carrier

    Hi, I know this has been asked but since it has been a while could someone recommend the hardware needed? I am interested in sending and receiving SMS text messages in HomeSeer. Especially when the internet connection goes down.

    I am also trying to understand if there is a carrier subscription for SMS and how people have done this inexpensively. I am in the US.


    There is a plug in here on the board that interfaces with a serial GSM modem. Search for that. I have no experience with it.

    The way I see it, you will be paying a monthly charge for that device to have service. A better alternative may be use a 4g modem or Hotspot as redundant Internet service provider and use email instead of SMS. I do this with a Verizon 4g modem, the modem was free with a contract, costs $20 a month and shares data with all the phones on my plan. Other carriers may offer similar plans, I don't know.

    Another note on SMS vs email. I use the email address provided by Verizon for my mobile number to send out SMS to our phones. At Verizon it is your 10 digit phone number: As far as replies, HomeSeer has an email checking feature built in.

    Hope this is a helpful prospective.

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      My SMS plugin will work with any modem that supports the AT command set.

      Something like this:

      Two things to be aware of:

      1. The modem must support the GSM frequencies in your area (usually 900/1800MHz or 850/1900MHz) so be sure to buy one that supports your carrier.

      2. You will need a SIM card with an SMS package. I'm not sure how the service works in the USA, but here in South Africa and many other countries you can buy an "SMS Bundle" where you don't pay an month subscription charge, but just pay for the SMSes you send.
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