I just licensed UltraCID and I needed a few things that I didn't see or could figure out. I am not automation enthusiast, all I want is my stuff to work then I forget about it for years and the only reason I'm here today is to migrate to HS3 fearing for my old HS2 Hometroller that is ancient. Anyway, this script populates hs devices with the last ten callers fiddling with case of name. I chose to use 30 devices (opposed to just 10) one device each for name number and timestamp times 10 because I thought it was simple to parse the data in the VBScript opposed to ASP and when I build my last ten caller table, I don't need any string manipulation to get it done. There is a remnant variable named work that builds a concatenated string consisting name, number and time stamp called work that you could use if you just wanted 10 devices. Anyway, not a coder, not a hs pro (should be obvious) and I'm sure there at last zillion ways to have done this better but it seems to play nice with Ultra's plugin and that's all I want. Needs an event created waiting for UltraCID ring and when it ends it speaks the parsed name. Feel free to do with this what you want.

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