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Can UltraCID Replace HSPhone for Caller ID in HS4?

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    Maybe the best answer is to focus on ways to communicate between an instance of HS3 and an Instance of HSx so that the HS3 stuff will always work. My plan now is to start with a fresh install of HS4 and move things over slowly. If UltraCallerID works for me on HS4 then great but if not then I will keep the HS3 instance running permanently just for Way2Call. If other plugins I need will not work on HS4 then they can stay on HS3 also but then I would need to use MQTT or something to pass data between the 2 Homeseer systems. If I keep HS3 just to do CID announcements though I probably don't need the two HS instances to talk to each other... they will just have separate inputs to the announcement amp.