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ULTRACID Email not working - HELP.

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    ULTRACID Email not working - HELP.

    The email function is not working for me - Other HS emails do work OK. What changed? Everything - New hardware with a fresh build - all entered manually - not a copy-over.

    Calls get announced OK. Calls do not get emailed. Please see attached debug - hope you can help.

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    Originally posted by DavidG
    I actually am just getting around to trying the email from UltraCID and can't get it to send either. I am using

    I can get HS itself to send an email on incoming call, but the notification from within UltraCID that includes caller details doesn't seem to ever fire off. No failure in the log, it just never does anything.

    Is there somewhere to enable this feature? Or is it enabled simply by the presence of settings in the fields?
    Thanks for chiming in, David - now I know it's not just me!. In the past just the presence of information was enough to have it send emails. It worked great in HS version 2.4.x except for the inability to include variables on the subject line.

    Hey - what happened to the original DavidG post?
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      email from UltraCID

      Monk, I edited the post to remove that part when I discovered how to email the info. Not sure if it's in the instructions or help for UltraCID somewhere, but the notification isn't automatic: It's an action.

      All I needed to do is create an action and select "UltraCID incoming call" as the trigger, then use "UltraCID Email Notification" as the action.

      Still, additional variables would be great!


        Thanks David

        In the big rebuild, I might have neglected to create that event - almost certainly because I do not even recall having to do it the first time....