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UltraCID3 HSPI For HomeSeer3

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    UltraCID3 HSPI For HomeSeer3


    UltraCID3 is a HomeSeer3 plug-in that allows you to use HomeSeer and an inexpensive USB or PCI modem to log callers to an underlying database. The plug-in also supports triggering HomeSeer events based on the name, number or attributes of a received call.

    How It Works
    • UltraCID3 listens for incoming caller ID (caller identification, CID) messages from your PCI or USB modem and inserts the data into an underlying database.
    • HomeSeer events can be created to trigger based on the name, number or attributes of a received call

    Main Features
    • Logs all calls and associated caller ID information to an underlying database.
    • Override the caller Id name so you can identify a caller by their full name or other alias.
    • Specify caller attributes such as block, announce, telemarketer, family, friends, business, etc.
    • Trigger a HomeSeer event based on the ring count or an incoming call.
    • Drop an incoming call after the first ring based on caller attributes.
    • Error Try/Catch logic to ensure plug-in doesn't fail with an unhandled exception.
    • Multiple threading allows UltraCID3 to process caller ID events without disrupting the performance of HomeSeer.

    Example Usage
    • Use plug-in UltraCID3 to speak the name and/or number of an incoming caller.
    • Use plug-in UltraCID3 to generate an e-mail notification whenever you receive an incoming call.


    Change Log
    Version 3.0.5323.3261 - Released July 29, 2014
    • Caller ID attribute HomeSeer device is updated before caller ID triggers are checked.

    Version 3.0.5341.13686 - Released Aug 16, 2014
    • The Caller Id Last Change device value is no longer updated when HS3 restarts.

    Version 3.0.5440.34301 - Released Nov, 23 2014
    • The plug-in web pages now use HomeSeer jQuery controls instead of ASXP.

    Version 3.0.5467.17807 - Released Dec, 20 2014
    • Fixed issue with Caller Name field.

    Version 3.0.5528.34367 - Released Feb, 20 2015
    • Fixed edit issue with Caller attribute field.

    Version 3.0.5723.37761 - Released Sep, 2 2015
    • Fixed display issue when telephone numbers start with a leading 0.

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