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Display number wrong format

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  • Ultrajones
    I am sorry, but I am not following what the issue is. Can you restate your question? A screenshot would also be helpful.


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  • jimbrandon
    started a topic Display number wrong format

    Display number wrong format

    Recently we switched from one VOIP provider to Google Fiber Phone, also known as Google Voice.

    With the previous provider CallerID worked well as the number coming is was in the format of (xxx) xxx xxxx. With GFP the number comes in as x-xxx-xxx-xxxx and displays in HS as XXX XXXX XXXX. Please note the 3-4-4 format. On the configuration page I have changed the 11 Digit Format to 0### ### ####.

    Currently GFP does have an issue with displaying the proper caller id name, for some reason unless the number is in my phone book it will display as Out of Area, they are working on the fix but I do not think this will have any bearing of the number format in HS.

    Any suggestions?