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Emails are not sending. Getting GeneralFailure in logs.

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    Emails are not sending. Getting GeneralFailure in logs.

    Bought this today and I'm trying to send a test to my email account from a manually triggered event. I'm getting this in the log:
    1 2020-01-16 10:12:53 1969-12-31 16:00:00 1 chris@***.com test subject GeneralFailure Message could not be sent.
    I'm using the same settings I use on my email client. It should be SSL on port 587. The email provider is pairnetworks.

    In their documentation, it says this about connectivity:

    We require SMTP Authentication, also known as SMTP AUTH. With SMTP AUTH, you connect your email client directly to your email hosting server to send email using your mailbox username and password. This ensures the validity of outgoing email.

    Outgoing email configuration using SMTP AUTH is simple: just use the same hostname, username, and password settings that you use to retrieve your incoming email. The specific settings you should use for a particular mailbox are available in the Account Control Center (ACC) E-Mail Management interface. View the mailbox you're interested in, and the proper Username and Hostname settings will be displayed.

    SMTP AUTH is activated on all standard outgoing email ports, so the default port number should work without modification. If your email client has an option to use SSL/TLS or STARTTLS, you must turn it on. To prevent your mailbox username and password from being compromised, we require the use of SSL/TLS or STARTTLS encryption for all SMTP AUTH requests.

    Any ideas?

    Same issue with yahoo mail. GeneralFailure. Yahoo mail using the same settings works with the the standard homeseer email function but not with your product.