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UltraSMTP HSPI for HomeSeer [NEW]

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    UltraSMTP HSPI for HomeSeer [NEW]

    UltraSMTP for HomeSeer 2:

    UltraSMTP is a HomeSeer HS2 plug-in used to send e-mail notifications. It can be used to send e-mail using either the standard SMTP port or using SMTP authentication using SSL/TLS. The UltraSMTP HSPI allows the user to configure any number of SMTP profile that will be used to ensure a message is delivered in a timely manner. If a message cannot be sent to any of the listed SMTP profiles, the messages is re-queued and retried until either the message is delivered or the user configurable delivery attempts are exceeded. The UltraSMTP Send E-Mail action also supports a wide range of replacement variables allowing the message to contain information such as device information, HomeSeer global variables and HomeSeer logs lines.
    • Written in VB.Net 2008, 100% managed code.
    • Multi-threaded.
    • Tested on Microsoft Windows 7 32 and 64 bit.
    • Free 30 Day Trial
    • Available From HomeSeer Store for $29.95

    • Support for an unlimited number of SMTP profiles.
    • Supports sending e-mail using the standard SMTP port.
    • Supports sending e-mail using SMTP authentication via SSL/TLS (e.g.,, etc).
    • Each message is assigned a queue identifier for tracking purposes.
    • An underlying database tracks the delivery status of each message.
    • The body of the message can contain a wide range of replacement variables.
    • HomeSeer trigger for e-mail delivery status of a message.
    • Error Try/Catch logic to ensure plug-in doesn't fail with an unhandled exception.

    Supported Device Replacement Variables:
    • DN = Device Name
    • DL = Device Location
    • Dl = Device location 2
    • Ds = Device String
    • DS = Device Status (e.g. on/off/dim)
    • DT = Device Type
    • DV = Device Value
    • DC = Device Last Change

    For example, if you want to provide the device name, device location, device value and device last change in an e-mail for device A1, then you would use this string:

    PHP Code:
    The device value for $$DN:A1 located in the $$DL:A1 is now $$DV:A1.  
    The device last changed state on $$DC:A1
    You can also perform simply math on 2 HomeSeer device values:
    • Math.Divide
    • Math.Multiply
    • Math.Add
    • Math.Subtract

    For example, if you wanted to report the inside temperature (A1) and outside temperature (A2) and the difference, you could use the following string:

    PHP Code:
    The inside temperature is:    $$DV:A1
    The outside temperature is
    :  $$DV:A2
    The difference is
    :                   Math.Subtract($$DV:A1, $$DV:A2
    Other Supported Replacement Variables:
    • GetVar:[VariableName]
    • HS.Logs

    For example, if you wanted to include the value of HomeSeer global variable “My Value” and include the last 10 HomeSeer log lines, you could use the following string:

    PHP Code:
    The value of HomeSeer variable “My Value” is:  $$GetVar:[My Value]

    The last 10 lines of my HomeSeer logs are:
    Example Usage:
    • Send a daily status notification showing the status of the most important devices in your home.
    • Include additional information in e-mail notifications not available using the built in replacement variables provided by HomeSeer.

    • Install and uninstall support using HomeSeer's new plug-in install template.

    Change Log:

    Version 1.1.4246.35478 - Released Aug 17, 2011
    • Fixed issues assoicated with HP Touchpad

    Version 1.1.4739.19382 - Released Dec 22, 2012
    • Various bug fixes and code improvements.

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    Plug-ins: UltraMon, UltraM1G, UltraCID, Ultra1Wire, UltraLog, UltraWeatherBug, UltraPioneerAVR, UltraGCIR