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Choose the default email for a specific event

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    Choose the default email for a specific event

    Just recently installed UltraSMTP. Love how smooth and easily it works. I understand that the multiple accounts feature allows for redundancy of message sending if the default address isn't successful in sending. Is it possible to have a specific event use a particular email account to send from?

    i.e. I use my iPhone to receive mms texts by having Homeseer mail to "myphonenumber" I have the gmail account that I use to send emails set up as a contact in my phone so I can assign it a specific ring tone. This way I already know what kind of event I'm being notified of before even looking at my phone. (a temperature notification for instance.)
    I'd like to have a different type of event show up on my phone with a different ring tone. This would be achieved by having a different contact set up with a different sound. (from a Hotmail address for instance.) This different event (say, the gate to the pool opening) would carry a ring tone that would automatically make it a much higher priority to me.

    Is this possible to configure within UltraSMTP/Homeseer?
    I just see "Send UltraSMTP" email. It'd be handy if there was an option to send from a particular account. ("Send UltraSMTP gmail" or Send UltraSMTP Hotmail", etc) You could still have it go through the other accounts if the primary for that event wasn't successful.

    Thanks in advance!