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Perform Action on email failure?

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    Perform Action on email failure?

    Hello folks
    Is it possible to configure this plugin so that it would execute an action (e.g. a script or another event) if sending an email fails?

    In my situation, I use the HS3 to send SMS messages/alerts to my phone via my carrier's email/SMS gateway (e.g. In some cases, the emails fail and I don't get the resulting text message.

    I have a 3G modem that I would like to use as a backup method to send SMS messages in the event that the email method fails. Is this possible, either natively through the plugin, or perhaps through a script?

    I don't use the 3G modem as my primary method for SMS texting because my plan doesn't allow unlimited outbound text messages, so I would prefer to use the email method first and then fail back to the 3G modem method as a backup.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

    Yes! There is a HomeSeer trigger (UltraSMTP3: Email Delivery Status) that can be used to trigger a HomeSeer event based on the delivery status of an e-mail notification. The trigger values are:
    1. Success
    2. Deferral
    3. Failure

    My plug-in is also different from HomeSeer's send email function in that it allows you to set up a number of accounts that will be tried when sending a HomeSeer e-mail notification. It will go though the accounts in order until the message is accepted for delivery by one of the configured accounts. If the message cannot be delivered to one of the configured accounts, it is queued and tried again (based on Queue Runner Frequency) until the message is either accepted for delivery or the Maximum Delivery Attempts has been exceed. If the Maximum Delivery Attempts has been exceed, the message is moved to \HomeSeer HS3\Data\ultrasmtp3\queue\drop.

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      Hey Ultra I realize this is an older thread but I wanted to thank you for the reply. I will definitely look at this as a backup alternative for my email-based messaging.