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Is this Possible ?

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    Is this Possible ?

    Please can someone tell me if this is possible to script in VBscript

    1. outside call comes in and i pick up the phone and homeseer phone and way2call hiphone tells me who is calling.
    2. I have the option to then let homeseer phone to take a message or I can take the call.

    This would be really really useful as i may be in a location in the house with out speakers and caller anouncement.

    Can the Hi phone be instructed to ring and play back an messages it has ?

    I don't mind coding this but would like to know if it is feasible ?

    Can somebody or Rich post their comments plz


      Technically it can do what you want, but I don't have the API's in place for all of it. I do intend to give scripts access to more of the low level functions of the hi-phone such as the ringer.


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        It would be a great if users could have low level functionality to the Hi Phone. I very much look forward to when you have the api's in place

        by the way "great product!" it has really brought my home automation to a new level !