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Recording a phone call?

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    Recording a phone call?

    Is it possible to record a phone call while it's going on?

    I suppose it may be "illegal" to record a phone conversation??? But in many cases I just want to remember what was said and come back to it later.

    Is there a way with the way2call to start recording a phone call after I have already anserwed it? There is no "record" button on the GUI.

    Just ask the FBI for a copy of their recordings!


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      Phone paging

      I've been searching for a while here & found this thread.
      My wife says she's tired of hunting me down & calling for me.
      While it would be easy to have a canned "come to the kitchen" TTS played over the house speakers, I was wondering if I could create a pageing system using the normal phones I have.

      Either by getting sound out of a cheap speaker phone extension & inserting it into the sound system on a certain keypress. OR

      By recording a message as suggested here & playing it back slightly delayed.

      Any thoughts ?


        Erm, yes it is, is the answer.

        I have a programme, or at least should still have, which will automatically record all phone conversations. It is not HS or X10, it's stand alone and now in the UK completely illegal as the caller is not warned that the call is being recorded.

        It's called "Advanced Call Recorder", just found my copy in my programme store.

        When I used it it worked brilliantly. It needs a modem, and if you are running HSP then probably a second modem on the same line for it to work.
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