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    Unable to answer internal

    I converted my old 1.7 system to HS2 and now I am unable to get my Way2Call to answer the phone as internal. I pick up the line and press '#' and nothing...

    I can see it detects the line pickup, and I use the Way2Call in a script to answer my door bell and that is working fine, so I know the connections and way2call are all working fine...


    Now I am unable to use an VR stuf...

    Does the log show it speaking - under Line Specific Settings/Internal Call Settings is everything set to Yes? If the log shows it speaking the Answer Prompt, the problem may be with your sound card settings on your HS server. There are some threads on this....


      Here is what I get in my log:
      7/25/2008 6:41:10 AM HSPhone Off Hook
      7/25/2008 6:41:10 AM HSPhone Waiting for Command Key (#) ...
      7/25/2008 6:41:23 AM HSPhone On Hook
      7/25/2008 6:41:23 AM Info Muting rings disabled


        I just ran the Way2Call test program and it passed all tests.

        I alo am unable to ge the outbound digits and log outbund calls...

        I am at my wits end and am out of things to try.

        It is obvious it is HS2 where the issue lies...