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way2call does not work

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    I have it set to No, but no joy.


      I'm not going to read through all these posts but if it were me I'd load HS2 Trial on another computer or laptop and see how it runs there.

      Windows sometimes allows the USB ports to shut off devices to save power. This is what I have done:

      1. Click on "Start" and then right-click on "My Computer."
      2. Click on "Properties" and then on the "Hardware" tab.
      3. Half-way down on the right, click on "Device Manager."
      4. Click the "plus" sign in front of "Universal Serial Bus Controllers."
      5. Double-Click on the first "USB Root Hub" (not USB 2.0 Root Hub).
      6. Click on the "Power Management" tab.
      7. Uncheck the box that says "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power."
      8. Click "OK" and repeat for all other "USB Root Hubs."
      9. Finally, close all and go back to the desktop and do a reboot.