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Way2Call and speaker app

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    Way2Call and speaker app

    I just got a new Way2Call from HS, installed on my system on XP - got an interesting problem.

    I run a speaker app on my HS server to make house announcements - when the Way2Call answers the phone (# rings exceeded) to take a message or take commands, the "hello, leave a message after the tone" is heard on the speaker app (my house) and not the phone but I hear the beep on the phone (and not the house). Then, Way2Call immediately hangs up! So, the caller hears the phone ring, a pause, then a beep then an immediate hangup.

    In the HS log, it looks fine - says all the data (who is calling, number or rings, etc.) - it also indicates it is speaking but, as I said, it is going to the speaker client and not the Way2Call device.

    Can I have a speaker app running on the same machine as Way2Call? I can't find anywhere in the settings where you specify these settings.


    If you delete your HSPhone.ini file and restart HomeSeer and reselect your way2Call does it react this way? What sound device is your speaker client set to use?
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      Thanks Rupp,

      Deleted ini file and re-setup the phone, it seems to be working now.