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    Random click/beep

    I'm having the same problems as in thread and thread This only happens if my wife is talking on the phone, never to me - she is about ready to throw the modem out the window. The only saving grace is the ability to page over the house speakers.

    My modem has the latest firmware and driver from the Way2Call website and Homeseer phone is not set to log outgoing calls (two solutions mentioned in discussions about this problem). I purchased the modem when support was first announced for it many years ago, so it's older hardware. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it possible to disable the CWCID detection? Does this happen with newer modems too?

    Sonny D.

    So, no one else has this problem?


      I do, I have a random beep during a call. I normally will reboot the whole system, Plugging each items one at a time. This will correct the problem for a while, about a week or so. Then I do the complete reboot of my network and it is corrected. This is the only help I can give you that helps me with my problem. I use all IP phones, 3CX and Vonage as my server.

      I hope this help you,