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Way2Call Desktop USB Power Supply

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    Originally posted by bdraper View Post
    I saw those too and was bidding as well. Never seen 10 posted before so I thought I could find a good one and have several backups, but eventually got out bid on those and several other auctions. Looks like we were all out bidding each other.
    heh - I wonder if someone on the boards here ended up with them?
    Would have made a little money on selling them here, thats for sure.
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      In case someone else comes across this old thread as I did today while researching W2C AC adapter specs.... I bought two W2C units off eBay over the last three years or so.
      • model HD00USGR01 with 12v DC 500mA adapter
      • model HD00USGR02 with 12v DC 850mA adapter

      Neither CID nor call waiting CID are working on either one, even if I swap the adapters between the two. I don't know whether the mA rating is the issue so I'm posting the info FWIW.