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    Strage error

    After 6 years, I moved my HS server ti a bew home - everything works perfect... Except...

    I am getting the following errors on startup of Way2Call in HS:

    4/22/10 5:37:42 PM ~!~HSPhone~!~Resetting line: 269-XXX-XXXX
    4/22/10 5:37:44 PM ~!~Error~!~Initializing audio play/record support: Unable to cast COM object of type 'hsrecord2.hsrecordplayClass' to interface type 'hsrecord2._hsrecordplay'. This operation failed because the QueryInterface call on the COM component for the interface with IID '{C9B8687D-F497-4520-98A0-ED20C8634473}' failed due to the following error: Error loading type library/DLL. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80029C4A (TYPE_E_CANTLOADLIBRARY)).
    4/22/10 5:37:44 PM ~!~HSPhone~!~Error initializing Hi-Phone driver, possible corrupt or missing drivers, or Hi-Phone is not plugged in or powered on.
    4/22/10 5:37:46 PM ~!~HSPhone~!~Calling hangup for line: 269-XXX-XXXX
    I have the original W2C disk, intalled the drivers and did their diagnostics and everything checked out. Worked fine on the old systen. I deleted the line and added it again too - same errors.

    Win XP/64 is the new system, XP was the old...


    Anyone? I tested the unit with the W2C diags and it works perfect.

    Is anyone else running XP/64? I downloaded the 64 bit drivers for way2call...


      There are newer drivers for the 64 bit OS's available on the Way2Call site.
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        I did get the latest 64 bit drivers off the web - they were the only ones I could get to install because the install CD that came with my W2C doesn't install on XP/64...

        One thing that has me concerned is there are several DLL's not installed when I look at the W2C log - would any of these be an issue? Is so, where do I get them because the 64 bit drivers on the web don't install them...

        Way2call Drivers Information:
        Package Version: 2.01.12 64bit beta
        OS version: 5.2.3790 Service Pack 2
        Device Information:
        1. Hi-Phone Desktop USB 018478
        Firmware Version: 4.03.26
        P/N: HD00USGR02
        S/N: 1027-31-018478

        Software Components:
        File: ScTsp64.tsp
        Description: Way2call Multiple Hi-Phone Devices TSP
        Version: 2.01.12
        Build: 0
        File: scwiz32.exe
        Description: Way2Call Multiple Hi-Phone Devices PBX Wizard
        Version: 2.00.34
        Build: 0
        File: TestWiz.exe
        Description: Way2call Multiple Hi-Phone Devices Test Wizard
        Version: 2.00.34
        Build: 0
        File: w2cMdSound.exe
        Description: Way2call Multiple Devices As Sound Cards
        Build: 0
        File: w2cTspSetup64.exe
        Not installed.
        File: ml_setup.exe
        Description: Way2call Multiple Hi-Phone Devices Drivers installer
        Build: b001
        File: w2cMultiInfo64.exe
        Not installed.
        File: w2cUSB.dll
        Description: Hi-Phone User Mode Device Driver
        Build: b0001
        File: w2cUSBM.dll
        Description: Way2call Multiple Hi-Phone Devices DLL
        Build: b004
        File: w2cUSBM64.dll
        Not installed.

        Audio IN devices:
        0. Hi-Phone Desktop USB
        1. Delta 1010LT 1/2
        2. Delta 1010LT 3/4
        3. Delta 1010LT 5/6
        4. Delta 1010LT 7/8
        5. Delta 1010LT Monitor
        6. Delta 1010LT Multi
        7. Delta 1010LT SPDIF
        8. Hi-Phone Desktop USB Aux
        Audio OUT devices:
        0. Delta 1010LT 3/4
        1. Delta 1010LT 1/2
        2. Delta 1010LT 5/6
        3. Delta 1010LT 7/8
        4. Delta 1010LT Multi
        5. Delta 1010LT SPDIF
        6. Hi-Phone Desktop USB