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It's not working....again

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    It's not working....again

    I'm trying to get my Way2Call working....again.

    I'm getting some strange behavior...again. For example, with my cell phone number in the address book it announces my call when I call but when I call from my wifes cell, there is no annoucement and our house phones go off hook. The address book settings are the same. There is no entry in the log. When I go off hook in the house there is no log entry. When I go off hook and press # there is no entry - nothing happens. If I try the test wizard it can't get a dial tone. It seems to go off hook sometime by itself for several minutes. These are some of the things I had problems with several years ago when I tried to get it to work and gave up.

    I have firmware version 4.02.33. I see there is a new version 4.02.36. I am thinking of installing it, but want to find out if anyone has had problems with it.

    I really want to get it to work this time, because I am afraid that my Stargate IVR board may go out like a lot of others have seen and then be stuck without phone control or CID announcements.

    OK, I went ahead and uninstalled, upgraded the firmware, disconnected Stargate from the phone, connected directly to the Way2Call and voila, I got it to work. Then connected all the phones back to it and it now seems to be working.

    Now I would like to change the DTMF codes to force the Way2Call to disconnect from the CO and connect to only the internal phones. The settings for HiPhone seems to only work with the press of one key on the phone keypad. The default is the # key. I would like to do this with something a little more complex than just one key.

    Is it possible to do this in a script?

    I also noticed that when I go off hook and press keys on the phone keypad that only the first press shows in the HS log. It that correct?

    I set up an event to run a script with a DTMF code of 11 and when I press the 1 key I see only 1 1 in the log and the event does not run?? (Running of events is set in the settings)
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