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Microphone in USB Way2Call Hi-Phone?

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    Microphone in USB Way2Call Hi-Phone?

    I get some noise on the phone after pressing #. It's not too bad, the voice commands work, and it's gone after the call is connected to the other party.
    I was doing some testing the other day and came to realize that the Way2Call was picking up sound in the room it's in. If I tap on it or on the shelf its on, you hear the taps in the phone (again when talking to homeseer).
    Before I take the Way2Call apart to disconnect the microphone, is there any software setting or command to turn it off?

    I know this is an old thread, sorry for bringing it back up but need some help on the same issue. How did you resolve it?
    Transitioning to HS3Pro .298 - WinXPEmbedded

    Hometroller S3 Pro - WinXPEmbedded - HSP - BLStat - HSPhone - HSTouch Srvr - Touchpad - BLLan - BLOccupied - DSC Plug - BLStat .38