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    How is everyone setting up the GE switches? Ours act just like dimmers, it's one of the things I don't really like about them. Is there anything to setup?

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      You have to go into the status graphics/ control page and edit the control points. I configured 3 control points on mine, off, low 30% dim, med 60% dim, and on at 100. I control with HSTouch with a fan icon which leads to a fan control box which has the settings Off, low, med, high. I'll be honest and say I don't think I've ever tried to control the fan with the switch, so I don't know how that works out. I know I can turn the fan onand off by the switch, but to switch between the levels I haven't tested out. I don't really like that it isn't a scene controller with double and triple taps. I assume if I hit the on twice it would be on medium setting, but I'm not sure.


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        Originally posted by rprade View Post
        It looks like Bond starts shipping in a couple of weeks. Anxious to hear how they work. I am also interested if and when they will control LG air conditioners and if there is or will be an API. Right now it looks like only ceiling fan control is offered, and the only control is through their app or Alexa.
        I do love controlling my RF ceiling fan with Bond. It 's nice having certain fans automatically turn off during my goodnight routine and turning on the fan in my bedroom. I strongly wish that they would expose an API to allow home automation systems other than Amazon, Google, and IFTTT. Unfortunately their product developer(s) seem perfectly content only supporting what they consider as the critical mass of home automation.

        As of 2019-03-01 only ceiling fans (and their lights) and fireplaces are supported by Bond. They are teasing users with supporting additional devices soon, but I'm afraid that their claim of "available soon" is more of a "might be possible in the future."

        Future Device Support:
        Air Conditioner
        Motorized Shades
        Motorized Windows
        Smoke Detector
        Carbon Monoxide Detector
        Door Bell